The basics:

  • Tuition for those who arrive in September 2018 is $12,000. This covers the two years of enrollment at Sposato -- the residency year and the "support" year that follows.  (The remaining cost of training is paid for by donors and the schools which hire our alums.) 
  • No money is collected during the first year of Sposato. Tuition is collected once graduates start receiving their paychecks as full-time teachers. We collect tuition in 6 payments, spread out across three years. 
  • If a trainee exits Sposato before job placement begins (in late winter), or if they make a good faith effort but fail to land a teaching job, no tuition is owed.

Why do we keep tuition so low?  Teaching is a spiritually rewarding job, but not a particularly financially rewarding one.  We want to allow all residents to avoid taking any debt.