Program Sequence

Sposato is a two-year experience.

Year one is the residency year.  All Sposato students complete an intense school-based residency.  For the first several years of operation, all Sposato students completed the residency at Match as part of the Match Tutor Corps.  Sposato will continue to draw many of its students from the Match Residency but is now also partnering with other Boston-area schools that offer similar residency experiences of new teachers.  

The residency year involves at least 40 hours per week of direct work inside of a school.  That work might include tutoring, assisting teaching, leading clubs or enrichment programs, participating in team meetings, coaching a sport, etc.  It's a full week of real work in a real school. 

Also during the residency year, Sposato students take courses, participate in simulated teaching experience, and engage in student teaching.

During year two, Spoasto students are employed as full-time first-year teachers.  Most choose to take teaching jobs in the Greater Boston area, but some others teach in high-performing urban public schools elsewhere in the country, e.g. New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles.  In addition to full-time teaching, Sposato students take a distance learning course, supported by individualized coaching.  Their performance during this year is carefully evaluated to determine if they receive the M.E.T. degree.