Our commitment to diversity

The mission of SGSE is to prepare highly effective teachers for high-poverty schools.  Our alumni will serve predominantly students of color from low-income backgrounds.  We are committed to training teachers who share the racial and/or economic backgrounds of the students they will educate.  We believe that preparing teachers of color and teachers from low-income backgrounds maximizes our impact on students.  These teachers serve as powerful role models for their students and bring key perspectives to the schools where they work.

SGSE strongly encourages individuals of color and individuals from low-income backgrounds to consider applying.

As part of our commitment to diversity, we have developed the following initiatives:

  • All of our teacher residents of color have an opportunity to be paired with a mentor through our Alumni of Color Mentoring Network. These are program alums who've gone on to be successful teachers and leaders and volunteer their time to help us support our next generation of SGSE alumni who are teachers of color. 
  • SGSE regularly hosts seminars and discussion groups that focus on issues concerning racial identity, culturally affirming teaching, and social justice.